What's a photography mini-session? ... well it's sort of (exactly) what it sounds like... sometimes called a "mini-shoot", it's a condensed photoshoot experience and they're usually released on a limited number of pre-selected dates at certain points during the year, and with a selective number of time-slots made available to clients. I offer them as 20-minutes slots. They're a great way to quickly refresh your family photos with high quality images in gorgeous settings.

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Family Photo in the Lavender Fields
Photo of sisters in the Lavender fields
Family together in the Lavender Fields
Posed family portrait in the Lavender Fields
Mother and her girls in the Lavender Fields
Dad and his girls in the Lavender Fields
Mother and daughter photos in the Cotswold Lavender Fields
Father and daughter in Cotswold Lavender Field
Girls running in the Cotswold Lavender Fields
Family enjoying the Cotswold Lavender Fields
Picture of your children at Cotswold Lavender
Dramatic family portrait at Cotswold Lavender

What's the difference between a normal photoshoot and a mini session?

Mini-sessions tend to be priced below the standard photoshoot package(s) and are much shorter in duration. Quick and punchy - often handy for the busy family - they offer a low risk opportunity for potential new customers to sample my work and to 'test the water', as it were.

If you're worried about whether a photographer can hold the attention of your less attentive little ones for more than a few minutes then this could be the best solution for your family!

Popular mini photoshoot themes

Popular minishoots for Gloucester Photographer, Christopher J, tend to be based around seasonal themes: Cotswold Lavender Photoshoot season is between mid-June to early August, for example. Other popular mini photoshoot themes tend to be around Autumn - with gorgeuous natural golden tones as our backdrop - and also Christmas themed shoots a few weeks before Christmas.

How does a minishoot work?

I'll be set up on location or in the studio for a set period of time and on pre-determined dates. I will offer a limited number of bookings in intervals for that particular setting. These mini-sessions are designed to make the process really simple and enjoyable for you, and are a great way to find a photographer that you can use without a huge initial investment.

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Photo of family together at Cotswold Lavender
Documentary style photo in the Lavender Fields
Couples portrait at Cotswold Lavender
Girls playing in the Lavender Fields
Candid family photos at Cotswold Lavender
Family Portraits at the Cotswold Lavender Fields