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Christopher J Photography serves Gloucester, Cheltenham and surrounding areas, creating beautiful & timeless portraits for proud and loving families.

I'm Christopher J

For the most part this journey needs to centre around you so let's get back to that really soon! In the meantime, here's a few things you might like to know about me...

(1) I eat a cinnamon and raisin bagel smothered in peanut butter every morning

(2) I'm married to my wife (fancy that) of 10 years, we have two little kiddos (and a dog)...

(3) In a previous life I was a magician! Walking from table to table at weddings and other events trying to make other people love card tricks as much as I did!

During the global pandemic I set out with my smartphone to discover and capture wonder in the surrounding Cotswold and Gloucestershire countryside. I launched a photography Instagram account and found a community of hundreds of like-minded sunset seekers and hill walkers sharing moments of beauty and discovery.

I borrowed my Dad's entry-level digital camera and started to learn everything I could about professional photography, consuming hours of YouTube content and other free resources in my spare time.

It wasn't long before I started to learn about what it means to run a professional photography business, investing in formal education and attending conferences and in-person training and somehow, somewhere along the way, around a full-time profession and family life, I started Christopher J Photography!

Photographer, Christopher J, holding professional camera and posing for his portrait.
Photographer husband and his wife pose on their anniversary outside a local Gloucester pub


It was just over ten years ago that Penny made the bold and courageous step to say "I do" and lock in for the long term! I'm thankful for those moments when I pop into the lounge and say "Pen... come here a sec...", camera in hand. She's never complained and she's allowed me the space to invest in this passion and build this business from our home, alongside everything else that's going on!

Father poses sitting with his two kids and dog amongst a pumpkin field in Gloucestershire


There's nothing more important to me than these two! I'll be honest it's not all rosy, but it's worth it... I feel like I'm on a constant learning curve, and we're always second guessing ourselves and our parenting tactics, but it's important to say "hey... I love you" everyday, no matter what! Obligatory thanks to my kids for being in front of my camera lens as I try new tricks and techniques out over the years! Love you guys!

“You don't take a photograph, you make it”

This quote from Ansel Adams resonates with me. A great photograph isn't great because of the beautiful sunset in the background, or the perfect silhouette of a bride's dress... a hundred different people could take that photo and 99 of those images could look the same. The great photographer finds a way to capture a moment. It's not only the click of the button, but the moments leading up to the click, and the relationship between the photographer, his subject and the surroundings that come together to tell the story.

Every Shot Counts

My Gramps shot 300 weddings as a professional wedding photographer over the course of 10 years. Back in his day there were no digital cameras, only truly masterful photography; you had to nail the exposure, the composition and the focus in each and every shot. Literally, every shot counted!

Whilst I aspire to that level of excellence, lucky for me these days my camera can shoot 10 frames per second and has state of the art autofocus capabilities!

Modern technology aside, I continue to invest in my own skillset as a photographer, developing my mastery over my camera, my lighting, my creativity and my connection with what's going on around me. Like Gramps, I want to make sure that every shot counts too.

Grandfather and grandson sat on sofa holding camera flash and smiling for the camera

Let's connect

I'm easy to reach!

Most importantly I love taking beautiful portraits and capturing authentic moments with a camera... and hopefully that's what you've heard and that's why you're here!

If you believe photography can be more than just pretty or professional photos - that photography is also about connection, and capturing and sharing precious moments - then let's talk! I want to arrange a Gloucestershire photoshoot with you!

I want to talk to Christopher!

An insight into the life of the photographer

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What I'm working on...

I've just posted a blog post showcasing a wonderful, vibrant summer photoshoot in the Cotswolds. You can see and read more about that on the blog.

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Kim Griffin

“We’ve experienced two photoshoots with Chris now and cannot recommend him enough. He’s professional, patient and a perfectionist. We’ve been over the moon with the photos he took of us and our daughter and will continue using him as she grows up. Thank you, Chris!”