How it works

Our photoshoot process explained

At Christopher J Photography we're different to most other photographers you'll find. This is an end-to-end, full circle service offering that starts with the end in mind. Let me explain how it works, and what the photoshoot process will look like for you.

4 square prints arrange in a square collection in a modern living room space

Starting with the end in mind

Do you want to decorate your hall or stairways with individual family portraits? We can create bespoke pieces of art together to compliment those rooms. Perhaps you want to start your own gallery wall in the dining room and combine your new portraits with other family pictures from years past. We can do that!

When you first contact Christopher J Photography via the website you'll be asked to consider whether your portraits are destined to be artwork on your walls, or whether you'd like them preserved in a beautiful album for the coffee tables of your family's homes. If you haven't yet thought about it, that's what your design consultation is designed to help you with. Once we've got a really clear idea of what you want to do with your family portraits, we can work every step along the way to make sure we deliver exactly according to that wonderfully exciting, shared goal!


Tailored-to-you Design Consultation

Your photoshoot experience at Christopher J Photography is a bespoke, tailored-to-you service, starting from the design consultation.

Tell me about your kids. What does 'life right now' look like for you and yours? Tell me about your home: what spaces could we bring to life with modern family portraits?

We'll use the information we gather from your initial inquiry form, and this design consultation, to begin to shape and style your photoshoot experience around you. Before we even pick up a camera, we'll form a plan that considers style, wardrobe, location, and the uniqueness of your family.

You'll also come away with a full understanding of the investment you'll be making to create the art installation for your home.

Cotswold Family Portraits - set of 3- hanging above the kitchen table

The Photoshoot

Take it from me. Direction, that is. You can concentrate on getting yourselves to the photoshoot location, then you can leave the rest to me! Thoughtful prompts and direction that keeps you comfortable and confident are my ingredients for a successful photoshoot.

I'll send you a helpful note via email ahead of your booking to confirm time and location details. I'd ask that you aim to arrive 15-20 minutes ahead of your scheduled time. This will also give you and your family a few moments to relax and compose before the session.

Finally - enjoy! Seriously, relax (is that an oxymoron?). A photoshoot should be fun and engaging, and an opportunity to spend quality time with family and loved ones! If it appears we need a few moments to relax into the photoshoot - no problem - let's take that time. I've also got a few 'canned lines' and prompts to get the kids in the spirit of things!

Little sister holding onto big brother's arm during a studio photoshoot
Little sister on a step ladder whilst big brother leans in during their studio photoshoot in Gloucester

Viewing and ordering appointment

We like to schedule your viewing & ordering appointment between 2-4 weeks following your photoshoot. This is when we will select the final images for your framed artwork and/ or albums.

You'll be presented with visualisations of your artwork as if it were already installed in your home! You'll get a sense of the spaces that they will fill, which will enable us to choose the right amounts and sizes of each piece so they fit perfectly together in your living space, remembering the vision that we set out to achieve during your design consultation.

Photography art work being installed on location

Delivery & Installation

Your end-to-end service includes delivery & installation of your chosen collections.

This isn't going to end up as a job on your ever-increasing to-do list, waiting [not so] patiently in a pile in your spare room. No sirree: No unwrapping to deal with, no packaging to dispose of (they're BIG boxes, you know!), and no sweating each time you poise the next hanging nail against your pristine walls.

Let us handle the heavy lifting and hanging of your artwork, whilst you sit back & relax, waiting excitedly to see your completed art installation.

Wooden framed Canvas in modern living room

Look. at. that.


We did it. We created something really special together, and it's yours to admire and enjoy forever.

Don't underestimate the positive effect these wonderful family portraits have on your kids and loved ones. Photos take on a new life when put into print; physical printed products tell stories without the distraction of notifications and the next 15 second reel, and they allow your photos to be enjoyed at their absolute best, without the 'digital compression' that's applied to them for display on social media platforms. Your most precious photos no longer have to live out their days on your computer or buried in your growing cloud storage space.