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Gloucester, Cheltenham and the Cotswolds

If you've got a location for your photoshoot in mind, let me know, and we'll see what we can do there. I've got some of my own go-to spots for great locations for photoshoots in Gloucester, and can make good of most scenarios if you're happy for me to lead - I know we will get great shots so long as it's not raining (and sometimes even when it is!). We're kind of spoilt for choice here with the beautiful Cotswolds in driving distance too.

You'll see from the images below that my core photography style involves sharp subjects & soft backgrounds, with a combination of 'traditional' posed family shots with a few 'in between' moments mixed in... those candid shots you might not have been expecting to be captured. In fact, these often become your favourite family photos as they tend to better capture your 'life right now' moments; those authentic you being you interactions.

For more insight and tips when finding a photographer to suit your needs, check out this blog post here.

Gloucester Photoshoot - family portrait against the setting sun
Gloucester Photoshoot - Family smiling in the long grass at Barnwood Park
Gloucester Photoshoot - Black & White close-up of family laughing together
Gloucester Photoshoot - Pretty girl against the golden long grass
Gloucester Photoshoot - Girl in white dress in the long grass
Gloucester Photoshoot - Black & White of family holding each other close
Gloucester Photoshoot - Family holding hands and walking away from the camera
Gloucester Photoshoot - Son holding his father's leg tightly and smiling
Gloucester Photoshoot - Family on the hills of Cooper's Edge in Gloucester
Gloucester Photoshoot - posed family photo in the golden hour sunlight
Gloucester Photoshoot - Mother raises baby daughter into the air
Gloucester Photoshoot - Mum and Dad laughing holding baby
Gloucester Photoshoot - Black and White grainy image of two sisters running towards the camera
Gloucester Photoshoot - Posed outdoor family portrait in the golden long grass
Gloucester Photoshoot - baby held by Dad lying on the grass

Behind the scenes of a Gloucester photoshoot

Do I always wear a blue Superdry t-shirt to my shoots?... haha, no. I don't always bring this lighting setup either (see below), but I am a rather big fan of the results.

A little 'behind the scenes', as it were: two similar on-location photoshoots near me: this shoot with the Baldwin brothers was taken in late summer as the sun was setting, whilst the photo of Indie was taken a bit earlier in the day, early summer, with a strong sun beating down on us in the poppy field. I love to use this overhead flash setup where appropriate, as it generates fantastic results when shooting against the sun, and really makes the skin tones look fantastic. Keep scrolling for the results!...

Photographer behind the scenes Gloucester
Photographer behind the scenes Cheltenham
Gloucester Photoshoot - three brothers making funny faces for the camera
Gloucester Photoshoot - Girl in white dress posing the poppy field


Michael and Lee

“From Start to finish Christopher has been brilliant! His communication and updates are fantastic, the personalisation of all emails and the gallery is amazing...

...His talent is impeccable, his service is second to none, and we couldn't be any happier with out new family photos if we tried!”

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