Why every family should consider creating wall art from their photos

Framed photo prints tell stories without the distraction of notifications or the next 15 second reel, and they allow your images to be enjoyed at their absolute best, without the 'digital compression' that's applied to them for display on social media platforms.

Photos take on a new life when put into print. If you're wondering where to get photos printed then let me share with you these reasons to talk to Gloucester photographer, Christopher J, about wall art solutions for your photoshoot.

Image showing prints from a photoshoot

(1) Your family's and your children's wellbeing

By displaying photographs of our children at different stages of their lives, we are making a very public statement that we are proud of them.

Professor Geoff Beattie, Head of School and Dean of Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester said "When children grow up surrounded by photographs, it gives them a richer understanding of where they come from".

"We cannot underestimate the power of photographs to keep us feeling linked to others..."

A family photoshoot in the Cotswolds

At time of writing (June 2022) the impact of disconnectedness and separation is probably more poignant than it's ever been for many of us, having been under lock-down and separated from our loved ones for months-at-a-time over the past two years. A professional photographer can help you create a permanent and beautiful reminder - for yourself and for your family - of the people in your life that you love and care about.

There's literally no better reason than as laid out above! You're most likely the type of person (I'm guessing, since you're reading this) to already have some wonderful memories in print around your home. Well, wonderful parent! - here's a few more reasons to let me take care of that for you next time!

(2) Enjoy the beauty of your memories on a daily basis

We elevate the memories and the connections we hold with loved ones when we promote our photos from our mobile devices and onto physical print, and by displaying them in a prominent place where they can be easily seen on a regular basis can reinforce our connections and provide that daily dose of motivation we sometimes need when the going gets tough!

Modern living room with family Wall Art in large frame above the sofa
Family room with autumn family photoshoot picture in large frame above the sofa
Two large framed photos from 1st birthday photoshoot hanging above sofa in modern living room

(3) Preservation for future generations

It's likely true that once a digital image hits the world wide web - whether that be on Facebook, Instagram, etc - it's going to be there forever. I absolutely love the 'Memories' feature on Facebook and Google Photos that pops up throughout the year reminding me of all the little moments captured on my mobile phone that might have otherwise been forgotten. But what happens to these 'digital memories' after we're long gone? And what if our children or our grandchildren wish to access these and print them out for themselves? Well, the likelihood is, that these files just won't print well. Images are compressed by the likes of social media platforms to save space on their servers, so even when we upload a large file, we won't be able to re-download it at that same quality and it won't be suitable for printing at a later date unless we've got the source file ourselves.

A printed picture - particularly those from a professional printing lab, and professionally framed - will preserve for more than one hundred years and can become priceless family heirlooms. If you're going to the expense of hiring a professional photographer to capture your family portraits, you should really be considering printed products and preserving these photos for your children, and your children's children.

(4) Award winning labs

A professional photographer uses pro printing labs to create your wall art products. My chosen supplier is a multi-award winning professional photography lab with over 70 years of delivering consistently stunning work to the photographic industry.

Their stunning, hand-crafted Wall Art products are sure to show off your images to their full potential as beautiful wall decor in your home.

I've pre-selected a range of products and styles - from unique vintage wooden fine-art frames, to more modern solutions like the canvas tray frame. And with a range of finishes and colours, I'll ensure I select the perfect wall art to match your home interior style.

Long lasting, professional quality

Hand made here in the UK, creating the finest wall art solutions starts with sourcing the very best, sustainable frame mouldings combined with archival mount boards that enhance and protect the visual quality of your photographs.

Example framed print - Classic Narrow, multi aperture frame.

© Christopher J Photography

Archival materials

Professional artwork exhibitors will use archival framing - meaning acid-free papers, mounts, and glues - that protect against the deterioration and yellowing that is experienced with more commonly available and inferior products. It's these same acid-free materials that are used to create your photographic wall art products!

Lightweight and shatter proof acrylic

Far lighter than glass frontals, shatterproof acrylic is a safer option for hanging in the busy home or in the kid's rooms. Laser-cut and diamond polished, with a glazing application that actually filters UV rays means your gorgeous family photos are more protected against the elements for generations to come!

A premium non-reflective acrylic upgrade is also available. Often referred to as ‘Museum Acrylic’, this specialist photographic acrylic eliminates irritating glare which detracts from the viewing experience and allows your photos to be enjoyed without distraction. However, due to the way the non-reflective effect is achieved - through tiny abrasions on the surface of the acrylic - this option is only recommended in some scenarios; the abrasions created to achieve the non-reflective surface can diffuse or 'unsharpen' the image beneath and might not be ideal for certain images. No need to worry about all that just yet though, keen reader! If the time comes, I'll talk you clearly through any options we might want to consider once you've selected which portraits we'll be framing.

An anti-reflective acrylic was used in the example below, for a gorgeous 28 inch by 20 inch Classic Frame from this outdoor photoshoot near me with our lovely model, Indie! When viewed straight-on it literally looks like there's nothing covering the image at all. From an angle, any directional light is brilliantly diffused with almost no glare.

Photographer aligning framed print on wall
Example framed print on wall
Framed print in room set example

Photos on canvas - Superior canvas prints

Canvas prints have been a popular option for several years and have become widely available at many of your favourite high street and retail park locations. Sadly many of these cheaper options are poorly printed, poorly stretched and in some cases aren't even a true canvas.

Illustration of canvas tray frame print in living room

I source a superior quality, gorgeous Canvas Tray Frame for my clients that can't be found on our high streets. A matte canvas print sits flush with the front of the solid wood frame for a beautifully minimalist feel, with a shadow gap left between the inside edge of the Tray Frame and the side of the canvas creating a more dramatic version of the negative space provided by a traditional mount. These are how canvas wall arts are supposed to look!

If you've ever wanted to put your photo on canvas, or need new photos for canvas prints, you're in the right place!

Close up of Example Canvas Print

Click to enlarge for a closer look : )

Texture of Canvas Tray Frame Print
Close up corner of Canvas Print

(5) Showcase your photos as conversation piece

You've invested in a professional photographer and captured some wonderful portraits of your little treasures. The only way to let them shine is on display in your home! Let your visiting friends and family see how well you all 'scrub up', and share the story of your photoshoot experience with them.

A modern multi-aperture grey custom framed portrait hangs in the living room above a grey fabric sofa

(6) Make a Statement, with high quality wall art

If your photographer is sourcing framed print solutions for you, these aren't your everyday printed photos. The quality is so far ahead of your supermarket printing booths and cheap online print retailers.

With a wide range of styles and width of frame, from composites to woods and aluminium frames, you'll be able to complement your existing interior styles with your very own family artwork!

Wall art set of four grey framed wedding photos hanging in prominent living room position

So that's it - my quick roundup showcasing the benefits of having your portraits framed professionally and into your home. If you need to update your family photos, don't delay getting in touch. Use the button below to contact me.

And if you've made it this far - thanks mum for reading my blog!