Something truly special

In a separate post we saw Laura and Ben's intimate wedding reception at the Welsh House in Swansea, showcasing the classy venue and - most importantly - capturing the classic-contemporary vibes of Laura and Ben's wedding.

This time we're revealing something truly special at this wonderful location in South Wales known as Three Cliffs Bay. The bride and groom have a really great story that ties them to this romantic and awe-inspiring spot on the Welsh coast.

Groom lifts the back of bride's dress as they walk the top of three Cliffs Bay in Swansea

Infused with their story

Ben and Laura met at the University of Swansea, during which time Three Cliffs Bay became one of their favourite spaces to visit and explore. So much so, that this was to be the place that Ben would eventually to propose to Laura.

After they were engaged, Ben made the trek back to Three Cliffs - unbeknownst to Laura - to gather sands from the cliff tops. This hand picked sample was then sent to America where they were infused into the wedding bands carrying forward their 'origin story' into the rest of their lives! Way to raise the bar, Ben!

Dramatic wide-angle wedding portrait with the beach in the background, bridge and groom meeting at their foreheads
Bridge and Groom embrace and kiss with the landmark three cliffs in the background
Groom holds his bride for their Swansea wedding portraits
Bride candidly rests on groom's shoulder in between their beach wedding photos being taken
Bride fixes her hair in the wind with open-back dress
Groom belly laughs and bride fixed her hair in the wind in front of the castle ruins at Three Cliffs Bay, Swansea
Classic, posed, formal wedding portrait against a bricked castle backdrop
Timeless black & white portrait of bride and groom nestled into each other's foreheads
Hand in hand, facing away from the camera, bride and groom rest in each other's company at the top of Three Cliffs Bay

Unique beach wedding portraits

This coastal location in South Wales became the perfect setting for our wedding portraits. Such a versatile location, with cliff-top viewing points, ocean views, sand & sea and even castle ruins.

We were spoilt, really!

Dramatic low-angle portrait of bride and groom from behind as they admire the castle ruins at Three Cliffs Bay
Bride and Groom look out towards the shoreline of this iconic Swansea Beach location
With drama in a dark moody sky, bride and groom pose in an archway of castle ruins
Bride and Groom posed together on dunes with the Welsh sea in the background
Bride and Groom walk 3 feet apart but linked by holding hands along the shore of Three Cliffs Bay, Swansea
Close up portrait of bride and groom smiling together
Bride walks towards the sea in her Doctor Martins, holding her dress up from the floor
The newlyweds walk hand in hand for a romantic moment in front of the sea in Swansea
Newlyweds posed for their portraits atop sand dunes at this Swansea beach location
Dark surroundings and well-lit bride and groom as they climb the rocks at the beach
The happy couple running together along this Swansea beach location
Signature image of bride and groom in dark & moody, dramatic landscape photo stood on the rocks.