Golden Hour Family Photoshoot at Barnwood Park, Gloucester

As a portrait photographer I get to meet some fantastic people. I've been 'Instagram friends' with Michael since around the time I first started getting into landscape photography. Michael is a local photographer with extensive coverage of all the 'must shoot' locations in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. Check out his Instagram page here and show some love!

Despite exchanging support, sharing insight and 'liking' photos since sometime in 2020 it wasn't until August 2022 that I first met Michael in person. Michael and husband Lee met me for a photoshoot in Gloucester with their son. We arrived at Barnwood Park and Arboretum around 7pm in mid-August, which meant we had about an hour-and-a-half until sunset. This made for some perfect golden hour lighting which makes for some fantastic tones in your photos.

It was a true pleasure to shoot for these guys, and as you can see from their photos they're a photogenic family with genuine connection which I hope shines through in these images here!

What is Golden Hour?

Golden hour is that hour or so before sunset (or that hour after sunrise!) when the light just has that lovely, light & soft quality enriched in warm reds and golden colours. This makes for the most flattering light for your Gloucester photoshoot, bringing out the best in skin tones, scenery and architecture.

Christopher J is an outdoor lifestyle family photographer based in Gloucester who enjoys nothing more than capturing the perfect lighting conditions that only golden hour can provide. See Chris' list of the best photo locations in Gloucester here.

Dads and son family photoshoot against golden lit backdrop
Dad looking up at son on his shoulders
Son sat on Dad's shoulders for photoshoot
Father and son against golden lit backdrop
Family of three posed against golden lit backdrop
Dads and son laughing and nuzzling
Father looks proudly at son sat against the long grass
Playful moment between son and his Dad's

What are the best times for golden hour family portraits?

Choosing to arrange your photoshoot during golden hour is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to your family portraits. Sunlight is its most flattering at this time of day. During the summer months the sun sets late in the evening - as late at 9:30pm at the height of summer. This might not be appropriate for some young families, so September and October are great times for younger families. Combined with the autumnal colours that we start to see and you'll have some of the most vibrant family photos during this period of year.

Spring is one of my favourite seasons. Not too hot in the UK but we can still get some lovely weather - as early as mid-March in recent years. And again, sunset happens from as early as around 5pm in March to around 8:30pm by the end of April.

Father and son lying in the grass
Summer portrait of boy against sunset
Father and son sat in front of long grass
Fathers and son walking towards camera
Father and son laughing sat in the grass
Fathers and son photoshoot
Son hugging dad's leg
Fathers and son holding hands walking towards camera
Couple portrait again golden trees backdrop
Fathers and son holding hands, all looking at the camera

Ok I can't help it... despite the glorious colours during this photoshoot with Michael and Lee, I can help but create black & white images too. You'll always have the option to choose the black & white versions of all the photos from your own photoshoot!

Black and White of Father and son posing by the long grass
Son looking at camera and holding father's hands
Black and White of playful moment between son and his dads
Black and White photo of playful moment between fathers and son
Black and White close-up shot of playful moment between fathers and their son

Get lit*

*figuratively speaking

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